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La Laguna Resort

Homeless Campfires Near La Laguna Resort

Homeowners, Campers And Businesses At Risk


Out of control homeless campfire by the lake, firefighters have to intervene. 17 Oct 2015.

Campfire by the lake, an accident waiting to happen. The city is taking a gamble. Police patrolling. 4 Dec 2015.

Out of control homeless campfire by the lake. 21 Dec 2015.

Fire By The La Laguna Campground & RV Resort

A fire broke out around 4:30 pm on Tuesday on private property on the lake shore. Firefighters rushed to the scene to extinguish the fire and prevent it from spreading.

This incident should give the city enough reasons and legal grounds to evict the homeless or at least contact the owners, as they are a danger and a potential risk to businesses, campers and homes around the lake and on the hills. The homeless are still there, today 18 Jan 2021, as if nothing happened. The tents have been there since early summer 2015.

The lake area and the hills around the lake are in an area classified as a Fire Hazard Severity Zone.

Not Sure Those Campfires Are Dangerous?

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