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La Laguna Resort

Armed Homeless Near La Laguna Resort

Guns Riffles And Machetes Near La Laguna

Most of the homeless are armed. The city does not care. On Dec 10, this homeless man took a gun out of his pants and aimed at the drone that took these images. He missed.

Another homeless meth addict with no teeth aimed at the drone with his riffle and missed.

On Dec 15, this homeless man aimed at the drone and missed.

Most of the homeless are armed with guns, knifes, baseball bats or machetes, like this homeless man.

In 2012, a homeless man was beaten to death with a rock. In the summer of 2016, three people were shot dead. The triple homicide is directly related to the homeless camp and the use and sale of methamphetamine and heroin, setting the score at 5 murder victims in less than one month last summer.