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Homeless Camp Burns

Firefighters Extinguish Burning Belongings Under Peppertrees


A fire broke out in a homeless camp around 16:15 hrs at Laguna Ave and Jamieson Street. Laguna Ave runs parallel with Grand Ave. The fire could been seen from across the lake.


Lake Elsinore firefighters and Cleveland National Forest firefighters rushed to the scene.


Homeless scrammed as their belongings caught fire under the trees where they were hiding.


Note how close this fire was to homes. These kind of fires could result in fatalities. Our council members have been complacent. They should be held accountable for injuries or death, resulting from homeless activity.


The homeless problem has to be addressed. Our council members should make a mandatory 1 hour drive through Lake Elsinore every day as they do not seem to know what's going on.


The homeless leave trash all over the city. Council members should provide a solution that benefits the city (residents and businesses) and the homeless and stop sweeping the problem under the rug.