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Harmful Toxic Algae In Lake Elsinore

No Contact With Water For La Laguna Campground & RV Resort Campers

Toxicity caused by blue-green algae prompted Lake Elsinore officials to close the lake, urging people to avoid body contact with the water, while pets and livestock owners should keep their animals away from the lake.

Results from water quality samples taken at Lake Elsinore indicate toxin levels resulting from cyanobacteria. Algae problems are a reoccuring problem in the summer when the water level is low. The lake is at its lowest level since 1993.

Unsafe levels of the toxins cylindrospermopsin, anatoxin-a and microsystins can cause rashes, skin and eye irritations, allergic reactions and gastrotestinal problems among humans and can be life-threatening to dogs and other animals.

Spinach Soup

How pleasant is it to swim in thick spinach soup? Check out this boat on Google Maps and zoom out while tracing the trail of that boat. You can follow a full tour around the lake where that boat passed. It's like a plane contrail, also widening as time goes by where the boat passed. That's how thick it is.

2 August 2016 (Tuesday 10:30 hrs)

The lake is a thick spinach soup.

Nothing can prevent future algae growth.

Who wants to swim in Lake Guacamole?

Algae near La Laguna campground.