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La Laguna Resort

Foam On Lake Near La Laguna Resort Lake Elsinore CA

Heavy Pollution Over Large Area On The Lake

The foam was first spotten at the end of March 2017. It soon became clear that the dumping of this unknown product would continue for many days.

The foam appears to be coming from the canal right by the La Laguna Resort. The canal goes all the way up to McVicker Park.

The substance seems to foam when agitated, either by hitting those rocks where the concrete in the canal ends or by the wind once the substance is in the lake.

A huge amount has leaked into the lake, forming a thick foam where the substance is concentrated. Ducks have trouble swimming through it, that's how thick it is.

Authorities were informed about the pollution. Depending on where the wind blows, the substance spreads over the water, contaminating larger parts of the lake.

Our website asked city authorities to take samples in order to determine if it is safe to swim and fish.



Our website has not heard back from city authorities. The foam remains a mystery.