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La Laguna Resort

Murder Near La Laguna Resort

Triple Homicide



The homeless camp around the La Laguna Campground & RV Resort in Lake Elsinore is completely lawless. There is no police supervision, it's total anarchy. The location is notorious for the sale and use of drugs, mostly heroine and methamphetamine.

A homeless man was beaten to death with a rock in 2012. In August 2016, three people were shot dead, two of them were homeless. The triple homicide is directly related to drug sale and use at the homeless camp between Lakeshore Drive and the La Laguna Campground & RV Resort.

The homeless shoot meth or heroine in their veins. Once high as a kite, they make campfires. The area around the La Laguna Campground & RV Resort is located in a Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone, posing a severe danger to campers, residents and businesses.

Lake Elsinore has on average 3 police officers (and two motorcyle traffic cops) on duty at anytime. Lake Elsinore has an average of 130 hrs (officers and traffic motorcyclists) police hours a day for a city with 61,000 residents. What does that say about the safety of the residents and tourists?