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La Laguna Resort

Stolen Bikes Near La Laguna Campground & RV Resort

Stolen bikes are reassembled by homeless near La Laguna Campground & RV Resort.



In the image above, the yellow numbers count the amount of bike frames that are visible. Many more are hidden under tarps. The green spots show wheels and tires.

Pushbikes are taken apart and reassembled in an effort to render them unrecognizable to their owners so they can be sold elsewhere. Check the fresh load of bikes in the truck (image below).



The red pickup truck goes around stealing bikes and then drops them off in Lawlessland, the safe haven our council members created for crime, murder and drugs right by the La Laguna Campground & RV Resort in Lake Elsinore.




The homeless and drug addicts in Lawlessland can rest assured they can work on stolen bikes in peace, shoot meth in peace, deal drugs in peace, gather stolen goods in peace, litter and dump in peace or make campfires in a high fire risk zone in total peace.

This is what is happening around the La Laguna Resort - Campground - RV Park and Boat Launch.

The council members have learned nothing since the tripple homicide in the summer of 2016 that was directly related to the homeless camp near the La Laguna Campground & RV Resort.