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La Laguna Resort

Operation Zero By The Z Team

City Cleans La Laguna Resort Lakeshore
Homeless And Trash Return Next Day

Tents, food, homeles people, released prisoners, matreses, couches, tarps and drugs are dropped off by pickup truck or van at the lakeshore. The city refuses to block car access to the lake and deprive the homeless of shopingcarts, the logical thing to do. The homeless choose the path of the least resistance: Lake Elsinore. On Sunday, Dec 1 the city removed all tents and trash by the lakeshore near La Laguna Resort.

The city does not prevent the same people from coming back the very next day.

One week later, it's as if the cleanup never happened. This was also the case after previous cleanups. The city does not learn from its mistakes.

The city sent yet again a clear message that it is OK to break the law. The only thing the city did was do the homeless a favor by cleaning up so they can move back into a clean place.

Check these images taken 18 days after the cleanup.
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